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The Artybot webchat: a tailor-made conversational assistant

Artybot designs digital cultural chatbot solutions for brands, cultural and tourism institutions.

Our conversational assistants allow us to deliver practical information in an interactive way, to promote the collections of a museum, the heritage of a city or the product of a brand.

The Artybot web chat is a computer system accessible on a website that allows :

  • to communicate information via a window displaying information: schedules, cultural programming (workshops, guided tours, shows…), rates, itineraries, reservations.
  • to answer simple questions from visitors using artificial intelligence.

Tool for creating digital routes for tourist and cultural sites

Artybot is a tour application accessible without downloading. It guides visitors by interacting with them in the form of short messages sent to their smartphone:

  • By delivering cultural and historical content in the form of anecdotes
  • By offering challenges, quizzes, discussions
  • By making shopping or dining suggestions

The user can be geolocated and guided along the route.

application artybot

Click on the red circles on the smartphone to discover Artybot's features.

Unlike an audioguide, which delivers classic, formatted content, Artybot’s tours are themed and personalized according to the tastes and desires of visitors, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Artybot designs digital journeys guided by a conversational assistant for family visits (familybot), couples (lovebot), friends (friendsbot) and teams (teamsbot).

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Dissemination and communication media

Our digital solution is accessible without downloading via a URL or QR code. Our QR codes can be of unlimited or limited duration, with free or paid access. 

On a t-shirt

To access program information or a quiz to wait in line

On a map

For an original and interactive communication

On a decoration

For an event-based communication

On a bracelet

To facilitate distribution

On a display

To communicate and disseminate the courses, quizzes and contests to the merchants

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